Excellence in motion, Glide has been specially designed as a universal intimate lubricant to enhance your personal pleasure.

Exceptionally long lasting, highly concentrated and silky smooth, it can be used by couples or singles as a sexual lubricant; it even stays slippery under water for use in the shower or spa. It doesn't dry out or get sticky, feels smooth and satiny left on the skin, or can be washed off completely with warm soapy water. Always leaves the skin soft, smooth and conditioned. Use before or during sex to supplement and enhance your natural lubrication. Excellent vaginal and anal lube. Safe with condoms, latex, leather and plastic toys (though not for silicone toys).
Designed Luberin, Glide Silicone is absolutely comparable to other popular brands of silicone lubricant.
To bring you the best quality silicone lubricants at the best possible price, Luberin has Glide
Female LubricantsBlended and packed in Australia to international standards. Great value for money.

Glide Capsules are a totally new form of lubrication for the receptive partner. The capsules are inserted ahead of time, so you are completely ready for sex whenever the fun begins. In a short time, the capsules dissolve, releasing the Glide where it is most needed. Your intimate encounter need never be interrupted by manual application of lubricant.
No mess. No fuss. Perfect timing.

Glide makes your intimate moments more natural, more exciting, and perfectly lubricated, by ensuring that the receptive partner is always "moist" and ready, and the penetrative partner is always given a silky smooth welcome.

Fantastic for women who suffer from dryness – you and your partner need never be disappointed by dryness again.

For anal lovers – your lube will be in the right place, at the right time.
For anyone who wants to be ready, any time, with a long lasting silky-smooth lubricant, ready is a perfect way to prepare for your next intimate experience.
For vaginal use, one or more capsules are inserted at least 15 minutes before sex. For rectal lubrication, one or more capsules are inserted at least 30 minutes before sex, using an anal lubricant to begin.

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For Men Wanting

The Best Anal Sex

The golden rule of anal pleasure : DON'T FORGET THE LUBE! It not only reduces the friction and discomfort, but anal lubricants can also stimulate and enhance your erotic experience. A-Glide is a long-lasting lubricant, is perfect for intense sensual loving and is totally safe to use with condoms.

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Simulates Body's

Natural Lubrication
  • Fast-acting formulation liquefies within minutes
  • Provides HOURS of anal pleasure
  • Colourless, odourless, non-staining
  • No dyes, perfumes or preservatives
  • Water based capsule that fully dissolves in water to release a long lasting silicone lubricant
Discounts are available for bulk orders and wholesale requirements - please Contact Us for more information.
Medical Services

About A-Glide

  • Available in 3 convenient pack sizes
  • Full medical instructions included
  • Comes in sterile packaging
  • Fully hygienic
  • Tested by the United States FDA
  • Individually sealed capsule
  • Convenient and discreet to use
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How to Use A-Glide

  • Use 5 minutes prior to anal sex
  • Remove from sealed wrapper
  • Place in the anal canal using finger
  • Lubricates for several hours
  • But the more lubrication the better
  • Totally safe to use with condoms
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